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handmade by chieri hayama

Linton Tweeds-Bunny ear Headband

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All our headband are individually handmade in the UK , from the iconic ' Linton Tweeds' luxury Tweeds. 


Linton Tweeds are renowned as the orginal 'Chanel' fabric makers and today their fabrics are used by many international designers, ateliers and sewers around the world. 

Headband dimensions 7cm width and 5cm height at widest point.

This style of headband I designed myself.
You can wear this one headband in 5 different styles as the bunny is removable & adjustable.
1. for cute feeling---put the bunny ear upward
2. for elegant look--- put the bunny ear downward
3. for vintage look--- you move the bunny in the middle & twist it like a Knot.
4. for Alice style--- you can remove the bunny ear- and wear the headband without the bunny wear as a Alice Style Headband.
5. for your pony tail--- the bunny wear is removeable, you can just add any of your hair elastic and use it for pony tail hairband.

except using Linton tweed, other material imported from Japan.

All our accessories are individually handmade in the UK ( not factory made).